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03 April 2006 @ 04:51 pm
Every fandom has them.
They are a bane and a scourge.
They give your fandom of choice a bad name.
They are Fandom Fuckwits and you can bitch about them here.

Please lock all entries to this community by using the Friends Only option.

Our community rules are very simple ...

1. Strictly NO advertising of other communities, sites, forums, groups, etc at all.
2. Bitching about Fuckwits is allowed but bitching about other members is not. NO flamewars!
3. This is a PRIVATE community. Anything that gets posted in here remains in here. If any member is discovered to be passing around any of the other members PRIVATE posts from within this community they will be dealt with accordingly (removed and banned) so don't do it, thanks!

More rules will added to this list as the maintainers and moderators see it fit to do so ... so please respect their authority.

Membership to this community is subject to approval. We can't allow the fuckwits in here, can we? :P

Should any member of this community prove themselves to be a Fandom Fuckwit they will be mercilessly ridiculed by the other members and then they will be removed and banned from this community with no chance of ever being allowed to rejoin. So play nice kids, please don't be like the very Fuckwits we are mocking in here and all will be good. Thanks again!